In the heart of Tihany, on the shores of Lake Belső, the cosmetics and lavender products of Lavender Tihany are made with natural ingredients with careful hands.

Thanks to our long professional experiments, we contribute to the care of Body and Soul with high-quality, locally made natural cosmetic products. We are proud that we make all cosmetics from scratch locally, right in front of your eyes.

We use environmentally friendly and natural ingredients, as we want to enjoy the wonderful sight of the peninsula and its other natural treasures for a very long time.

Our professional team consists of pharmacologists, pharmacists, soap and cosmetics makers, and enthusiastic and creative product development ladies.


an important aspect in its design was to preserve the unique value that dr. Thanks to chemical engineer Gyula Bittera, lavender has been represented in Tihany since 1926.

Preserving this historical past, we used recycled wooden elements in our furniture that are almost 100 years old, we use and exhibit pharmacy laboratory equipment and objects that also bring back the old days, combining this with the modern style and technological know-how of today, so that as much as possible to be able to produce locally made products at the highest level.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Lavender Tihany workshop, where you can gain an insight into our daily work, view our exhibition on lavender and its processing, as well as the Tihany lavender distillery, where the trademarked lavender oils are produced.